Healthy Sex for a Healthy You- Essential Tips for Cleaning Sex Toys

Enjoying the pleasure of your sex toys is much more beneficial when you are practicing the right way of cleaning them. These toys are very prone to bacteria not just with ones that are coming from your own sex organ, but with outside bacteria that are actually harmful to the good bacteria most especially found with women’s vagina. It is always important to keep the hygienic treatment and storage for your sex toys for you to enjoy its benefits for long term use. The following will teach you how to.

When you sex toy is made of:

Glass, steel, wood, or silicone- The best way for you to clean sex toys made from these types of materials is to have it cleaned with the use of water, mild and hypoallergenic soap, dry it with use of clean and soft cloth that will never leave scratches and marks on it.

Pyrex, stone, steels that are non-motorized- proper cleaning of sex toys with the given materials is through have it boiled with duration of 8 to 10 minutes. You may also run the device with dishwasher but never use soap for it. It is also important for you to steam it up for deep sterilization.

Cyber skin- this material is quite sensitive for you to use harsh soaps and clothes, so better just wash it with milder soap and soft cloth for you not to damage your device.

Hard Plastics- This is one of the most materials that are in need of thorough cleaning because these are porous and are very prone to bacterial penetration and buildups. Many cases of sexually transmitted diseases were spread with the use of unclean sex toys that are made with these types of materials. The best way for you to do when you are to use this kinds of products is to cover it with condom first so that this will never spread any left bacteria on the toy.

When you already sure that your sex toy is already squeaky clean, store it with proper storage container such as a sealed plastic, a box, or either a case if you purchased it with its own case. These tips are all applicable to both men and women who own sex toys. Hygiene is very important when it comes to private areas even if you are just having sex with your only partner.

There are also solutions made purposely to clean the different kinds of sex toys, so you better ask the store attendant upon purchase. It is better for you to buy online because you may ask the seller without the need of talking with them face to face. Also, ask for the disposable containers if available. This will give you a fresh container always after use so that you may prevent bacteria from spreading to your organs up to your entire body. Practice safe sex and proper hygiene with your sex toys, these are must.

When Is The Right Time To Start Visiting The Dating Sites?

If you are too shy and you think that you will never find a woman or man for you than you are deeply wrong. If you decide to take services of dating sites, then you will realize that there is a real team of experts that are trained to find your perfect match in the shortest possible time. We weren’t all born to be Don Juan. The most important thing is to admit that we are not seducers and that we maybe should search for help.

It’s like an addiction; the first step is to admit. Like any other problem in the world, this one is easier to be solved than we think. We consider this a problem, professional consider it a job. And they are quite good in that. This is definitely a good investment.

Here you are investing in yourself and in your happiness, and being happiness is the most difficult to achieve these days. I don’t know when but people start to be more introverted than they used to be in the previous centuries. Maybe it’s a result of a development of the modern technology. Nowadays everything is reachable and easy to get and most important everything is served. We don’t have to make any effort to get something. And a question that I am going to ask you is: Why don’t we take the advantage of it?

If you are shy then dating site is the right place for you. You will name them all your qualities and give them your detailed description.

According to this description, they will try to find you the perfect partner. They will search the most similar person to you in their data system and eventually they will connect you. The rest is up to you. I know hundreds of people that find their love match by using dating sites. And they are very happy now.


Those relations lasts more than regular ones. Why is that so? The answer is simpler than you think. In the most cases, the person is not aware what she likes and what is the best for her or him. In most cases we want only things that we can’t have. There is even a term for this in psychology. It is called object of desire. We simply like to want and not to enjoy in having something. Maybe people just like to fight for something and in that fight, we forget the most important to be happy.

If you want to break that magic circle and start to live for a change, then you should log in one of dating sites. Chatting didn’t kill anybody and certainly won’t you. The good thing about dating sites is the thing that your rights are protected. You don’t have to worry about your pictures.

There are some strict rules and nobody can break it. There are no exceptions. And the most important nobody will judge your taste and needs. 

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